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Parallel Grip Lat Pulldown Bar


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  • Scientific Angle For A Deeper Stretch.
  • For Better Lat Development.
  • Designed To Keep Your Form On Track.


Out of stock

The Parallel Grip Lat Pulldown Bar is scientifically angled to allow a deeper stretch for better lat development. Smooth, fluid centre swivel keeps your form on track. Extra set of knurl-textured rubber grips allows the bar to be used for triceps and biceps workouts as well. 38” width for physiologically correct lat isolation movement. This premium cable attachment brings a free weight feel to home gyms and cable systems with increased comfort and control. When you wrap your hands around the ergonomically contoured rubber grips, you know you are holding real quality. The unique knurl-textured surface comfortably locks your grip in position throughout the entire exercise movement. You’’ve never felt control like this, you’ve never felt comfort like this. The rubber grips reduce fatigue in your fingers, palms and wrists because they conform to the shape of your hands greatly reducing your need to squeeze for control. This premium cable attachment is the ultimate addition to any home gym or cable machine. It is constructed from the finest quality materials for ultimate performance. Expand your exercise options and upgrade your exercise experience with the cable attachments designed to put real power in your hands.

Product Features:
– Centre-balanced construction
– 4 knurl-textured no-slip rubber grips
– Solid steel
– Weight  5kg
– Length  67cm
– Colour: silver with black grips