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Lat Blaster Bar and T Bar Row Platform


Available on back-order

  • Design Automatically Hits The Lats.
  • Biomechanical Angle For Lats isolation.
  • Can Use A Standard Or Olympic Bar.


Available on back-order


Included Warranty

1 Year

Your training routine will take on an exciting new approach with the Lat Blaster Bar and T Bar Row Platform.

The highly specialized design automatically hits the Lats at the ideal biomechanical angle for specific Latissimus isolation, lower back protection and full range-of-motion.

Easily fits on all Standard and Olympic Bars and incorporates the main features found in the most expensive gym equipment . . . But at a Very Affordable Price!

Simply put one end of the bar in the T Bar Row platform cup and load up the other end with all the weight you can handle. The T Bar Platform features an oversized solid steel axle pivot point with dual bronze Oil-Lite bushings that lock rock-solid to any 2″ tubing, or it can be bolted to the floor. Full 360 degree swivel-ability makes it a dream come true in tight workout quarters. Built for a lifetime of heavy-duty back-blasting workouts! Patent Pending. Cannot be used independently.