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Body Solid Leverage Multi Gym With Bench


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  • Fully Adjustable Free Standing Bench.
  • Perform Shrugs, Squats, Dead Lifts & Biceps Curls.
  • Flat / Incline / Decline Chest Press And Many More
  • Please Watch The Video.

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Out of stock

Perform shrugs, squats, dead lifts, biceps curls and everything in-between more easily and effective. With a revolutionary space-saving design the Body Solid Leverage Multi Gym fits comfortably into most home and commercial settings. With an all-new, high-tech/high-gloss anodized red finish, this gym not only stands out for its performance but also its looks.

The swing arm/press arm station has a large radius to greater simulate a straight up and down motion. The press arm bar can also be raised to its highest position allowing the Body Solid Leverage Multi Gym to be used as a pull-up/chin-up station.

An adjustable knee lock-down makes lat pulldowns easier than ever while the low pulley station is perfect for curls and multiple row exercises. Attached weight horns make weight storage easy.

The included premium Flat / Incline / Decline Bench can slide in and out allowing for ease-of-use and a smooth transition from exercise-to-exercise while attached wheels make transport a breeze. Stand-alone design allows bench to be used completely independently of the gym system.


(1) Lat Pulldown Bar and

(1) Revolving Cable Handle.

Save time and space with the all-new Body Solid Leverage Multi Gym.

*Weight Plates shown in the above pictures are sold as optional extra


Assembled Weight: 247lb / 112.04kg
Assembled Dimensions: Length Width Height
95.40in / 2,423.16mm 67.00in / 1,701.80mm 83.00in/2,108.20mm
Package Dimensions: Length Width Height
7.50in / 190.50mm 35.00in / 889.00mm 45.00in / 1,143.00mm
Volume Gross Weight
6.84 ft3 / 0.19 m3 121.00lb / 54.89kg
Package 2 Dimensions: Length Width Height
7.30in / 185.42mm 25.60in / 650.24mm 62.00in / 1,574.80mm
Volume Gross Weight
6.71 ft3 / 0.19 m3 77.00lb / 34.93kg
Package 3 Dimensions: Length Width Height
7.10in / 180.34mm 21.00in / 533.40mm 53.00in / 1,346.20mm
Volume Gross Weight
4.57 ft3 / 0.13 m3 58.30lb / 26.44kg